10 Hottest Wedding Cake Trends for 2014

It is October already, and the wedding season is just around the corner! I am sure brides and bridegrooms to be are blushing with love flowing through their veins, making and tweaking plans for their perfect wedding day. While everyone gives a thought to the trousseau and venue and menu, the cake is, like one of my clients said to me the other day, a show-stopper of sorts.


A lot of thought must go into the wedding cake, because it will be at some point, the focus of everyone’s attention. There is a whole ritual attached to the wedding cake, which is why you want your cake to stand out in the crowd, so to speak.

Here are some amazing new trends in wedding cakes that all you lovely brides, bridegrooms and family of the soon-to-be-wed couples should look out for!

1. Chandelier Cakes


Cake by Artisan Cake Company
Cake by Artisan Cake Company

Chandelier cakes as the name suggests, are cakes with tiers that ascend from smaller to bigger unlike the usual wedding cakes. The USP of these cakes is also that the cakes hang upside down by a stand, thus

creating the illusion of a chandelier. Bling and flowers take these cakes to an ethereal new level. The cakes can be decorated with anything from laces, to bling, to chevrons to patterns. It really is the in thing   as far as wedding cake trends go this 2014.


2.Bling it on!

Cake by Bobbette and Belle Artisanal Pastries
Cake by Bobbette and Belle Artisanal Pastries

Think glimmer, glamour and think shimmer. Weddings are shiny affairs, with lots of sparkle and all that jazz. You might as well add some pizzaz to your wedding cake by asking for tiers of gold, silver, metallic colors or even individuals sequins. The flowers can be gold-tipped or solid silver, depending on how much shimmer you want to add to your cake.


3. Ruffles

Cake by A Piece O' Cake
Cake by A Piece O’ Cake

If your bridal dress is ruffled, why not go with ruffles on cake too? They are pretty gorgeous and can be used throughout the cake or on a single tier only. Either way, ruffles always look classy. Tilt the position or add a bit of glitter to the edges as in this fantastic ruffled cake. Add a few flowers and you are good to go!


4. Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes

Cake by Pink Cake Box
Cake by Pink Cake Box

Just like chandelier cakes, these also belong to a category called gravity defying cakes. From the look of these cakes, they look impossibly tilted, and possibly about to come crashing down. However they are cleverly designed to give that illusion, while in reality being completely stable from within. Look at the cake above, isn’t that a beauty in itself? A balancing act, if I may say so, very similar to the concept of marriage 😉


5. Naked Cakes

Image Source: Ruffled Blog
Image Source: Ruffled

Okay, do not go by that name! They are indeed cakes which are devoid of any frosting on the outside. But just like a vintage building, they are really beautiful to look at, if made properly. One of the hottest cake trends this year.

6. Handpainted wedding cakes

Cake by Pavani Kaur of Firefly India
Cake by Pavani Kaur of Firefly India

Think flowers, think modern art, think mosaic. Modern cake decorators are artists in their own way, and can create edible masterpieces with edible colors. If you are someone who has the eye for a fine painting, go for it! Go for a burst of colors instead of the usual whites and lilacs and pinks.


7. Ombre cakes

Cake by The Cake Whisperer
Cake by The Cake Whisperer

Think shades. You go with a darker shade of a color and lighten it as you reach the top. It looks elegant, classy and very much in the spirit of weddings. Ethereal and serene.


8. Edible Laces

Cake by Lynette Horner
Cake by Lynette Horner

Earlier cakes used to be decorated with real lace that had to be discarded. Then someone with a whole lot of genius thought, why not have lace that can be eaten as well? That is how edible laces were born. Have them on your wedding cake and you have a fantastic, out-of-this-world cake that is to die for.

9. Geometric Wedding Cakes

Source unknown

Intricately done and meticulously crafted geometric patterns give these cake eye-pleasing personality. They look 3d and cheat the eye somewhat, but they are just gorgeous to look at when done properly.

10. Monograms

Cake by Cakes 2 Cupcakes
Cake by Cakes 2 Cupcakes

Why not have your own monogram on the cake. The monogram can be made with the initials of the bride and the groom, and it can be either stuck on to the cake, or on top of the cake. Either way it looks amazing.


So these are the hottest cake trends of 2014. Which one will you pick? Which is your favorite of all the trends?




Photo credit for poster photograph: photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/victoria_made/5936153335/”>www.victoriamade.com</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;


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