Einstein Bobblehead Cake – Lost in Candyland Collaboration

One of my dreams this year was to be invited into a collaboration. My dream came true when I got a message from Ashwini Sarabhai of The Dream Cakes, and admin of India’s Cake Artists Network on FB invited me to this awesome candyland collaboration. Of course, I jumped at the idea and did a happy dance (which, thankfully nobody ever saw!)

However, there were major roadblocks.

Weather – Candy in rains? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Design – I don’t know how many times I must have sketched and trashed, sketched and trashed and sketched and trashed till I could sketch no more. I thought and thought, and researched, and went from simple cake to topsy turvy, to whimsical. I looked on the internet for inspiration, and almost came close to using Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as the theme.

However, something was amiss. There were no bells ringing. As with anything important in life, all vital decisions must be made upon the ringing of imaginary bells in the mind. Oh don’t scoff, it is a very exact science!

Einstein ji full (Medium)

My AHA! or EUREKA! moment came when I thought of making a structural sculpted cake. But not just any sculpted cake, I wanted a moving sculpted cake. Nature has it’s own way of showing its approval, for right then I got this image of an Einstein Bobblehead staring right at me from the laptop screen. I swear, that bobblehead just knew what I was thinking. It was smiling so!

So once I had my husband all excited about this new theme, we sat about the designing aspect. After hours of arguing, we finally had the design of the structure.

Element 1 copy

Day 1: Structure was made

Day 2: White chocolate mud cakes were baked and shitloads of ganache was made

Day 3: A little prayer was said to the Almighty, and gathering all the reference images, sketches, ratios blah blah blah…. I set about making the cake.

Day 4: Still making the cake. the cake is completed at night. (and then someone switches off the darned ac!)

Day 5: The face of EInstein is ruined. His jaw has fallen to the floor… no literally! It is there lying on the floor in a sticky mess.

Day 5: Afternoon, my face is a sticky mess from all the crying. “I am done!” I proclaim. I can’t do this again. My cake won’t be in the collaboration. Throw the darned thing away, I don’t want to see it (I love being quite the drama queen you see πŸ˜€ )

Element 2 (Medium) copy


Day 6: My emotions have settled. My effed up brain has settled. My tears have dried and my resolve has renewed. Much like Scarlett O’Hara, I decide that nothing is going to come in the way of my making this cake. It happens to be my birthday. I spend the whole day re-making the whole head.

Day 6: evening – I dare everyone to touch the ac! “You might end up finger-less” I warn!

Finally the cake pictures are taken, and the cake is taken to a nearby orphanage.

I love happy endings, don’t you?


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